According to INSEE, France has no less than 5 million companies… Among them, some have a special status called start’up. The term “start’ups” was popularized in France by Emmanuel Macron during his candidacy when he promised to make France a “start’up nation”. BPI France (French organization for financing and development of companies) refers to no less than 10,000 French start-ups. Their economic weight is difficult to measure, but in 2017 their turnover increased by 18%. At the level of  fundraising they expect more than 3.6 billion during this period compared to less than 1 billion euros in 2013.

The French Tech what does it means? the French government has launched a label that certifies French start-ups from the digital sector. But French Tech is more than a label, it’s a movement, an ecosystem that brings together start-ups, investors and decision-makers. The main mission of this label is to make France a more attractive territory for start-ups by facilitating their access to international markets, by giving credibility to French innovation and finally by creating a useful and efficient network.

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Discover now some young companies affiliated to French tech: “tech nuggets” from the southern region that work in the field of e-health.

Rofim is a start’up based in Marseille which was born in 2019. David Bensoussan and Virgile Omnes, both medical graduates, are the founders of this software made in France. Its goal? To facilitate the transition of sensitive data and shorten the usually long processes thanks to a platform for medical imaging exchange, teleconsultation, tele-expertise and totally secure data transfer. More than 200 physicians have already registered, making it one of the largest healthcare professional networks.

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Exolis, also based in Marseille, aims to help the patient along the way, from the moment he or she is treated to recovery. Thanks to a mobile application, the patient is constantly accompanied in the various administrative or medical procedures… Before his hospital stay, the patient can create his account, make an appointment and fill in his pre-admission. During his stay, the use of the reception terminal allows him to save time. When he returns home, he benefits from a follow-up adapted to his pathology (medical questionnaires, appointment reminders and much more…). The connected patient benefits from a better follow-up and therefore a more efficient treatment in the long run.

Located in the Sophia Antipolis technology park near Nice, Thérapixel is a start-up that was founded in 2013. Researchers from INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Digital Sciences and Technologies) have created an Artificial Intelligence capable of reading medical images and supporting doctors’ analyses. With promising results, Thérapixel has managed to raise more than €5 million to improve and validate a brand new software in 2019 called Mamoscreen. This intelligence makes it possible, for example, to detect abnormalities on mammography scans and thus rapidly diagnose breast cancer in women.

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Codesna, based in Nice, was founded by Vasile Zoicas in 2014. This young start-up from Nice has created an innovative solution to detect chronic stress through 4 products available for individuals, companies and pharmacies. With various international patents, the Codesna technology is the fastest, most reliable and non-invasive way to identify and assess chronic stress. After 4 years of research and testing, Codesna has designed the best analysis algorithm on the market to detect cardiac variables that affect the nervous system and are the main causes of “stress” in the individual. A measurement that lasts only 2 minutes and gives you reliable results!

Yes, our start up Ellcie Healthy is also one of the “nuggets of technology” that promote innovation and research for well-being. Founded in 2016, the company now has 15 employees who work for well-being and believe that technology can have a real positive impact on our daily lives. Our Serenity by Ellcie Healthy connected glasses offer you 2 solutions: one for falling asleep at the wheel and the other for fall detection. Our system is constantly updated with Artificial Intelligence which makes our connected glasses intelligent and always more autonomous!

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French tech is developing a little more every day and is becoming a major part of the economy. French entrepreneurs are more and more numerous and are innovating a little more every day. The new concepts that have emerged in the field of e-health respond to concrete needs. As you have seen, French start-ups have not finished showing all their potential, their importance and their influence (internationally).