It is a very special year that we are leaving behind us… 2020 will long be etched in our memories and it has brought everyone to agree that HEALTH is the TOP priority


More than ever, we wish to accompany you and your loved ones on a daily basis and preserve this precious health. We have dedicated ourselves to this goal all this year, as shown by these many highlights:

  • After several months of R&D our new application is born! The fall detection solution for seniors is now available since november 01st in all Optic 2000 stores. We are also working with the MAIF foundation to go even further and propose through our glasses a fall prevention device that will be a great step forward in terms of health..
  • We have made real progress in eye tracking in terms of precision (to about 2°). This enables us, for example, to work on human-machine interactions for Air Force pilots in the context of the MMT project.
    After participating to the CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, we have concretely started to conquer America. We recently joined the Upward lab program to prepare for our deployment in the United States.
  • As part of our research program we have actively participated in many scientific projects. For example, we have started a research study with the University Hospital of Dresden (Germany) on neurodegenerative diseases and more specifically on Parkinson’s disease. Another study is also in parallel with the EPS Barthélémy Durand Hospital concerning the detection of Schizophrenia symptoms thanks to our connected glasses ! We have also continued to work with LEAT on the Sensory Replacement Project for the Visually Impaired. Artefact aims to capture, thanks to a camera embedded in the glasses, the environment of the visually impaired and to retranscribe this environment via a bracelet that will slightly compress the wrist.
  • Because health and safety is also at work, this year again we have set up numerous partnership with companies to promote the safety of their employees in the workplace. For example, we are working with CEMEX start’up to equip their drivers and operators to prevent the risk of falling asleep at the wheel with our connected glasses. Our start’up has also been requested by the company ERLAB, manufacturer of solutions and services for protection against chemical inhalation risk, to collaborate on a new project to propose a new solution for real-time gas detection. We are also working with the Veolia group, which has equipped some of its employees with our intelligent glasses to test the solution and prevent risks for isolated workers.
  • At the beginning of the year we started our e-commerce site on the web. And thanks to our partnership with FittingBox, we have integrated an online fitting software. To do so, nothing could be easier than plugging in your webcam! Then go and try it out !! 🙂
  • And to follow the growth of our customer community we have reinforced the security of our applications, which guarantees the confidentiality of personal data !!!!
  • Finally, thanks to government measures and BPI France, we have been able to strengthen our teams. Our start’up is proud to participate in the training of tomorrow’s talent and to give young graduates a chance! Sabrina, who is part of the marketing team, Sofian, our mobile developer trainee, and Anthony, a front-end developer trainee, are now part of our great adventure.