Covid 19, more commonly called coroanvirus is the main subject of the crowd. This spreading reachn a new cap. The vrus was born in china at the end of the 201 year in the wild animals market of whuan. From this date, the virus grew up to reahc more than 106 000 infected in the world and more than 3600 death. 

1) New technologies against the disease

As China is the epicenter of this epidemic, many measures were quickly put in place in that country, particularly with the help of new technologies. China has deployed major resources to try to overcome the Covid-19 threat in these cities and particularly in Hubei province, the epicenter of the epidemic.

The remote controled Thor-1 robot is a massive weapon against the coronavirus, particularly for disinfecting Chinese streets. Equipped with a sprayer and disinfectants, its mission is to purify the ambient air in streets and surfaces.

image of Raphaël Graby from BFMTV : QR colors 

An application, developed by the company Alipay (specialized in online commerce) has also seen the light of day called Alipay Health Code. The company collected a lot of data such as the location of individuals, the different health symptoms … and compared them with the data provided by the different users of the application. Depending on the results, a colour code was applied. (see image opposite). Green : it can circulate freely in the cities concerned. Yellow or Red: the individual is asked to remain confined to his home and not to come into contact with other people willingly or forcibly. More than 60 million Chinese have already downloaded the application. It works with a QR code that has to be scanned at each checkpoint in the provinces that currently use this device.

Drones have been used for a lot of missions : Disinfection, prevention, delivery of medicines and masks, use of thermal cameras… It is mainly the drones of the DJI range which are for the moment the most suitable for these missions and which are the most reliable.

  • Connected Wristbands to Hong Kong were also created as a result of this outbreak. This technology is aimed at families placed in quarantine who are required to have a connected bracelet. The bracelet makes it possible to locate the wearer and ensure that containment measures are properly implemented.

2) the Artificial intelligence is the solution ?

Artificial Intelligence also has its fifteen minutes of glory with the discovery of this as yet unknown virus. Numerous solutions have been implemented to prevent, control or limit its propagation, here are the main ones.

  • In China the local Amazon: Ali BABA designed an AI capable of detecting coronavirus patients in less than 20 seconds. With the detection of early warning signs such as pneumological factors. Based on the scans of more than 5,000 patients with the virus, and therefore able to recognize the risks in potential individuals, this AI will be very useful to relieve congestion in hospitals and free up time for doctors.
  • Also in China, the giant Baidu has created an Artificial Intelligence that would greatly facilitate controls in crowded places. This AI is capable of scanning the body heat of passers-by in public places (train stations, airports…) and establishing facial recognition of the person who could potentially be a carrier of the virus. Law enforcement agencies use drones equipped with this AI to check individuals in quarantine directly from the balcony of their homes to limit human contact.                                            

The world of technology has demonstrated its power in a crisis situation, but even with these devices it is sometimes very difficult to contain a spread like this. At the current stage, the epidemic has worsened outside China’s borders, especially with the many means of transport and increasing globalization. The main objective for these techniques is now to curb Covid-19 by all means in the world.