The beginning of 2020 was marked by the Covid pandemic19 . France has recorded almost 30,000 deaths linked to this virus, making it the 5th most affected country in the world. Even if the peak of the virus has passed and is now less widespread and controlled, a few precautions should be taken when you go on holiday. The tourism sector in France is facing its biggest recession in history. In 2019, France was the world’s leading tourist destination with more than 89 million tourists. Even if the State has planned to help this sector with more than 1.3 billion euros released, some professionals say that tourism will pay the bill until 2022…

Prefer France for this summer

Since June 22, the deconfinement measures have been relaxed. But the fear of a second wave still hangs over the world. And it is not without reason, since in Beijing certain districts are once again being confined because of new cases.

This is why the government greatly favours movement within the hex. Rediscover our beautiful country this summer!. The south-west, the coasts of Biarritz and others will make you travel, and if you prefer the mountains no problem, the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Jura you have the choice!

la baie des Anges in Nice, image from the newspaper provences Alpes cote d’Âzur

Apply barrier gestures even on holiday

Campsites, hotels and other tourist establishments have already prepared themselves and have put in place numerous procedures to promote barrier gestures. For this summer are planned: rotations in the swimming pools, daily disinfection of the bungalows, wearing of masks for all the staff and provision of hydroalcoholic gel. The residents will have to respect a certain social distance with the famous 1 meter gap and a reduction in the number of deckchairs to avoid contact.

If you cannot respect barrier gestures, protect those around you at the very least and avoid physical contact at most. Wash your hands once (at least 30 seconds during each rinse) every hour and clean surfaces likely to be contaminated: sink, door handles, tables, kitchen utensils, etc… Finally, if you can, wear a mask as often as possible.  The risk of a second wave is always possible knowing that we are still far from having an effective vaccine. According to the independent newspaper l’indépendant, containment and barrier gestures have made it possible to avoid the contamination of more than 3 million people in Europe, so let’s not relax our efforts this summer!

Be careful on the road:

This year, and especially this summer, air travel will not be the preferred means of transportation. With trips limited mainly to France, many families will take their cars to leave. Some precautions are to be taken before and during the journeys which are often quite long…

Just out of containment and the number of accidents on the roads is skyrocketing. Already three weeks after the deconfinement, Road Safety says it is worried about the “first alarming figures” which are reflected in an increase in fatal accidents and a 15% jump in major speeding offences. 

Make sure all passengers have their seat belts fastened.

Observe the speed limits

Maintain safety distances (2 lines of hard shoulder on highways)

Do not call while driving

Leave rested and take breaks as soon as you feel the slightest signs of fatigue (coffee can also help). And above all, don’t forget your Serenity by Ellcie heathy connected glasses to avoid falling asleep at the wheel 😊

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