Create in France, Serenity Eyewear connected glasses are designed for your daily well-being. But above all, they are design and comfortable.

They are also compatible with corrective lenses or sunglasses.

Four shapes, a wide palette of colors, transparent or solar glasses and only 26 grams!

So make your choice

Serenity Eyewear Ronde noire solaire gris


All our frames are compatible with different solutions. Apart from downloading applications (free), no other installation is expected.


In order to ensure the functioning of the integrated solutions, it is important to choose the right frames. To help you in your choice, you can try the glasses online, for that you just have to click on "Try me".

choose lenses

For everyday use, our glasses can be adapted with neutral lenses, sunglasses or corrective lenses * (* on prescription from your optician)


All of our eyeglasses are sold with a charging connector. The micro-battery integrated into the frame gives you the autonomy of 6 days for the use of the Driver application and 24 hours for the use of the Serenity application.


In addition to our technical assistance service at your disposal, we provide you with many help materials: Create your personal access to the helpdesk.