personal protective equipment

Professional risks are important social and financial challenges for companies. 

To respond to this prevention and safety needs, our connected glasses measure and warn in case of danger.

These innovative devices combine monitoring, protection, well-being, and support.


Détection de la chute 2

The Serenity Eyewear from Ellcie Healthy can detect falls in real-time and alert emergency personnel. When it comes to falls, time is of the essence. The faster you intervene, the more likely you can limit the physical and mental consequences of falls. These innovative devices combine monitoring, protection, well-being, and support. Since our health is the most valuable thing in life, we take this goal very seriously.


icone détection de l'endormissement au volant by Ellcie Healthy


Thanks to our connected glasses, protect your traveling employees wherever they are. At each sign of falling asleep, the connected glasses emit an alert (audible and visual) to remind the driver to take a break.

Drowsiness detection by Ellcie Healthy

MANAGEMENT interface

Our management tool is designed to best meet the security and protection commitments of carriers. The management interface allows the manager to follow in real-time the data relating to each of the holders. The dashboard consists of a global view of the group, then detailed pages of each user.

Our fleet management tool can be adapted to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team to find out more


You may have the need to analyze specific data points from Serenity Eyewear. The Ellcie Healthy Team can work with you to create customized reports to meet your needs for an additional cost. By leveraging our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, you can obtain detailed information that can help you improve safety outcomes. Thanks to embedded sensors we are able to analyze certain data such as :

Détection de la pollution

Pollution monitoring*

A pollution detector embedded in the frame monitors the level of gas concentration and raises an alert when a threshold has been reached and there is a danger for the person’s life.

Icone Attention & vigilance by Ellcie Healthy

Vigilance monitoring*​

The eyewear allows the monitoring of wearer attention. For a job requiring full attention (driving machines, laboratories…) the eyewear can raise a flag when the worker sends too many signs of low attention.

Icone Bilan d'activité physique by Ellcie Healthy

Physical activity, stress level*

We can collect ECG through the smart eyewear and therefore we can monitor the worker activity fatigue and stress level.

Icone Port de la lunette by Ellcie Healthy

Monitoring of wear time*

he eyewear can measure the wear time. This way, employers can ensure their employees are using them. Some of them wear them on personal time because they find them so convenient.

Icone Troubles musculo squelettiques by Ellcie Healthy

Musculoskeletal disorders*​​

Thanks to the eyewear, workers can also be warned of a bad position that could lead to musculoskeletal disorders. It, therefore, helps to maintain long term wellbeing and performance.

Icone Exposition lumineuse by Ellcie Healthy

Light exposure monitoring*​

By equipping the frames with harmful light sensors, it is possible to demonstrate the protection brought by filtering lenses and create customer awareness on the service offered.

*  In development