our health is the most valuable thing in life.
Using innovation to detect deseases and potential risks and improve people’s health and wellbing is most meaningfull application there can be.

our values

Optimistic humanists

We believe in making
a positive impact on humanity and we strive to help our peers live better lives through technology. 

Supported by the Scientific Community

Ellcie Healthy takes a solution based approach based on facts and scientific analysis. Our research team and partner laboratories bring us you the most reliable eyeglass frame solution possible.


Thanks to new and improved technologies we offer, individual health can be monitored, while overall wellbeing increased. That’s what we strive for!

This innovation was developped by Ellcie Healthy in partnership with  scientific community. In quality approach we work with famous institution. INRIA helped with mathematics algoritms, LEAT (Sophia Antipolis) contributed to electronics, LAMHESS (Nice) select our embedded sensors. Finally the hôpital Hôtel Dieu (Paris) brought in methodology and clinical tests for blinking monitoring and drowsiness detection.

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