our health is the most valuable thing in life.
Using innovation to detect deseases and potential risks and improve people’s health and wellbing is most meaningfull application there can be.

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a positive impact on humanity and we strive to help our peers live better lives through technology. 

Supported by the Scientific Community

Ellcie Healthy takes a solution based  on facts and scientific analysis. Our research team and partner laboratories brings you the most reliable eyeglass frame solution possible


Thanks to new and improved technologies we offer, individual health can be monitored, while overall wellbeing increased. That’s what we strive for!


This innovation was developped by Ellcie Healthy in partnership with  scientific community. In quality approach we work with famous institutions. INRIA helped with mathematics algoritms, LEAT (Sophia Antipolis) contributed to electronics, LAMHESS (Nice) selected our embedded sensors. Finally the hôpital Hôtel Dieu (Paris) brought in methodology and clinical tests for blinking monitoring and the drowsiness detection.

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CarceptPrev/Musculoskeletal Disorders

En In constant search for well-being Ellcie Healthy is partnering with the CarceptPrev Foundation to work on the problem of musculoskeletal disorders in the professional environment, and particularly in the transportation industry!

MSDs are the 1st cause of workplace accidents, and affect 73% of employees in the road transport sector. We conducted a pre-study demonstrating that the prevention of these MSD risks is both possible, measurable and classifiable, using Ellcie Healthy connected eyewear technology.

DGA/ Man Machine Teaming

Ellcie Healthy has been selected by Thalès and Dassault, who are leading the MMT (Man Machine Teaming) project call for projects on behalf of the DGA (French Armament Procurement Agency). The ‘Capturing the eye’ project aims to study the integration of a photo-oculography system within a helmet viewfinder. One of the main challenges of the project is to increase the accuracy of the eye tracking direction while respecting the constraints of embarkatability (miniaturization), compatibility with other equipment of the operator and robustness.

Partenaire Ellcie Healthy Leat


Le The ARTEFACT project led by our Research Director Dr. Andrea Castagnetti in collaboration with  the Pr. Benoit Miramond of the LEAT Laboratory aims to develop a support system for the visually impaired in order to restore their autonomy through sensory replacement glasses. A 3D camera embedded in the frame sends information about the visual environment to a connected bracelet. The integrated Artificial Intelligence ‘analyzes’ the transmitted image and retranscribes it to the visually impaired person through a stimulus on his wrist. If the visually impaired person does not see their environment and the obstacles surrounding it, they can now feel it thanks to this device.


We have been asked by the University Hospital of Dresden in Germany to collaborate on a research study on neurodegenerative diseases and more specifically on Parkinson’s disease. The objective of this study is to develop tools to analyze the markers that constitute the motor state of patients in order to detect recurrent symptoms of the disease and to adapt therapy accordingly. The frequency of blinking eyes, which seems to be reduced in cases of low mobility, is one of the marker data that could be recovered and analyzed by our connected glasses.