Photo Philippe Peyrard directeur Ellcie Healthy

With more than 25 years of experience in C-Level positions in major Optical Groups, Ellcie Healthy CEO Philippe Peyrard founded Ellcie
Healthy in 2016. The company develops a new line of smart glasses, equipped with Artificial Intelligence designed to ensure individual safety.

A little anecdote about Ellcie Healthy's name

On top of the French pronunciation pun of the word « Healthy », Ellcie Healthy is named after Ellie, Guillaume-Lucien, and Agathe-Lucie who are Philippe Peyrard’s first.


Ellcie Healthy’s mission: preserve your health and The health of your beloved

Our objective is to use innovation to detect diseases and identify potential risks to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Our health is the most valuable thing in life  …



Because we are determined to succeed, we have gathered a strategic comittee with high level entrepreneurs and top level decision makers, to challenge us and push us toward excellence.

Accompanied by many partners

Over the years we have sought the support and support of many local partners.

Our partners are those individuals and societies without, Ellcie Healthy would be a shadow of itself. Thanks to them!