Our connected and smart eyewear is a technological concentrate from a material point of view (especially due to miniaturized sensors embedded inside the frame), but also from a software point of view. This embedded software exists and evolves over developments carried out by our team and confers our connected eyewear an artificial intelligence which promotes usefulness to its users.


We are careful to regularly update the embedded software inside our connected and smart eyewear, without requiring any action from you. As soon as the eyewear is close to your smartphone and plugged into the power supply, it automatically synchronises with your smartphone and allows you to benefit from the last available features. The only thing you have to do is to make the most of your eyewear and all the latest technologies it offers you !


The embedded software inside your connected and smart eyewear becomes richer thanks to new features over software updates. Today our connected and smart eyewear help with the detection of drowsiness at the wheel, tomorrow another scope of possibilities will be open : help with fall detection and prevention, activity tracking, and numerous other features are underway.


Being attentive to your opinion and your expectations, we suggest that you become a player of our evolutive solution. You have the possibility to propose food for thought and new features you would like to be effective with your connected and smart eyewear, by sending your comments to us directly from your Application or by email : boite_a_idees@ellcie-healthy.com. We will examine your suggestions and, insofar as possible, incorporate them in our next versions !