Our way of life has been transformed overnight with the containment restrictions we have been following since March 16, 2020. These rules of social distancing have led many students and employees to telework. Your health and morale can be greatly affected by these changes of habit. According to Anne Giersch, director of the cognitive neuropsychology unit of Inserm at the University of Strasbourg, there is a link between isolation and psychological disorders such as hallucinations. According to another study conducted by the IFOP (French Institute for the Study of Opinion) during this confinement we see more sleep disorders, insomnia and other more or less serious cases of psychological stress depending on the individual. Through this article, we would like to offer you some tips on how to live confinement, telework and isolation in the best possible way.

Make a workspace for yourself

It is not easy to find a comfortable and suitable place to work at home. You’ve probably taken over the dining table, coffee table, bed and sofa with your computer and files…. Here are a few important tips for your psychological health. As far as possible, create a well-defined quiet space where you can disconnect from your private life. This will allow you to concentrate on your tasks and to work only in that particular place. This space will help you psychologically to separate your private life from your professional life. Delineating these boundaries is an important step for your personal well-being. 

Adopt the right posture

A la maison vous avez le choix entre le tabouret de bar, la chaise longue de votre terrasse, le canapé ou les chaises super design (mais qui ne sont pas du tout confortables). Le choix est rude…?  Plus sérieusement, si vous n’avez pas une véritable chaise de bureau, adaptez-vous… Pour optimiser votre position et minimiser les maux de dos trouver la chaise la plus confortable (au pire vous pouvez y ajouter un coussin) tenez-vous droit et faites-en sorte que vos yeux soit à hauteur d’écran.

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Avoid certain positions over time

With telecommuting, we travel less and spend much more time sitting in front of a screen or lying on our couch or bed.  Contrary to what we are used to, our muscles work much less, which is why staying in these positions for long hours can be detrimental to our motivation and especially to our back. Take active breaks and move around as much as you can (On a whim, turn on the music and dance a little 😊).

Get organized

Organization is the key word in a space where every object can become a source of deconcentration. In addition to your workspace, organize fixed working hours. To be productive during these working hours, don’t hesitate to listen to quiet music, which will help you concentrate.

Keep in touch with your business colleagues and friends

These connections help limit stress, anxiety and depression. They therefore promote better management of this confinement. Be available, your work teams will need to contact you during the day, your reactivity will be a precious time saving for your company. Do not hesitate to communicate TOO much.

Finally, in times of stress such as the one we are experiencing, it is essential to keep a maximum of contact with your family and friends. A dedicated application exists: Houseparty. This social network allows you to create virtual houses to play online and toast with friends 🍹. The World Health Organisation. even recommends playing video games online, a way to keep this sociability while having fun.

Do sports 💪

With reduced mobility and our confined days the lack of activity can be a concern for our health. Fortunately, cardio type sports allow us to work our heart, isolation exercises help build muscle mass and strengthen tendons that are weakened by the lack of activity. 

Sport allows you to let off steam and thus free you from stress. Take advantage of this situation to make a training program just for you, following it will keep you motivated and fill your days! Many brands offer you free applications to coach you in your trainings

  • Fizzup (complete application for a personalized training)
  • 30 days fitness challenge (for those who like challenges)

Eat a balanced diet...

Lack of activity as well as malnutrition can quickly become a health problem (obesity, diabetes). We’re not going to lie to ourselves right now we want to eat pizza, burgers, paws… (everything your swimsuit will love!) Take advantage of this time to learn new recipes. To help you a totally free application designed for this exists, but of course you already know it: Marmiton and why not get a little carried away with a little challenge by cooking with Cyril Lygnac live on M6. 😉

Last but not least, enjoy yourself !

We’ve never spent so much time at home. It’s time to get started on the projects you always put off until tomorrow: gardening, painting, arts and crafts, all kinds of art, family games, reading… Stop procrastinating. However, try to take care of yourself because this is not the time to end up in hospital!

The confinement we are all experiencing is a difficult but necessary step to stop the spread of the COVID 19 virus on our territory. Even if staying at home for long periods of time seems difficult, it is completely surmountable and as you have seen, there are many things you can do to stay healthy, so start today!

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