Your smart connected glasses carry about fifteen cutting edge sensors such as infrared sensors (to measure the eyes blinking), temperature, light, atmospheric pressure sensors, but also an inertial unit with accelerometer and gyroscope.

These sensors, which are now used to help prevent drowsiness at the wheel, will allow us to offer you other features as your glasses are updated.

Your connected glasses work through a system of finger taps (light tapping on the side of one of the branches) that allows you to transmit information to perform specific actions. The glasses will emit a short light and sound signal to confirm tap registration.

Today, Ellcie Healthy products are compatible with all the devices that use exploitations systems like IOS and precedent version, also Android 7, except a certain type of smartphone-like Huawei P8 lite that is not compatible with the mobile app or with the smart glasses. For more information please refer to the following terms of service.

Whichever solution you choose, the first time you use your glasses, you will need to create your account on the mobile application. You will need to associate your eyewear with this user account.

Once this association has been made, you can use the « tap’s » (light tapping on one of the branches ) which are in the capacity to transmit data in order to realize specifics action. For more pieces of information for further information please refer to the user guide.

If your mobile is out of battery or he can’t reach the network, don’t panic your glasses will keep in charge to prevent you if there is a risk

However, the updates can’t work without the mobile app. This one is necessary in terms of the good operation of the solution. 

Nothing to do ! Your glasses will detect available updates and automatically offer them to you when you connect to the mobile application. You will have the option to refuse the update once. The next time you restart the application, the eyewear will be updated automatically.

Yes, the connected glasses are sold with a charging kit and must be charged before first use.

1: Connect your charging magnet (connector) to the AC adapter using the micro-USB power cable.

2: Plug the entire charge system on the sector 

3: Once the charging equipment is operational, fold the temples of your glasses inward (first the right, then the left) and connect the left temple to the charging magnet.

Wait until the end of the complete charging, signaled by the green blinking light alert of the left LED. See the interactive tutorial.

This depends on the actual length of time the glasses are in use.

However, your glasses have been designed to have 6 days of autonomy for the Driver application and 24 hours for the Serenity application. Depending on how you use the glasses, on-board intelligence and software updates will optimize the power consumption of the glasses.

A SAR* test has make on our connected glasses. LEAT’s scientific ( Research Laboratory on Antenna and Telecommunications Issues ) have estimated that continuous use of these frames during 16 hours (use over a full day) is equivalent to using a mobile phone for 5 to 10 seconds, proving the harmlessness of our device.

*SAR: specific absorption rate: a tool that allows showing the energy equivalence created by radiofrequency received by the user of an electronic device.