Ellcie Healthy is very pleased to welcome Oke as our new Executive and Marketing Assistant.

Oke, 23 years old, of Belgian origin, is currently in her second year of a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship and star up business at IPAG in Nice. Before joining Ellcie Healthy, Oke had different experiences as: Community manager, sales assistant as well as marketing assistant and business developer.

Oke has different passions such as photography, fashion, travel but what she loves most is spending time with people she cares about. 🌅

She chose to combine her studies with an apprenticeship as she feels that the work experience is a real asset for her future life.  

Ellcie Healthy was the perfect fit for her because of the many assignments that offer her unlimited learning. At Ellcie Healthy, Oke is mainly responsible for communications, but also for accounting and marketing.