Serenity by Ellcie Healthy

Fall detection

Before you can fully use the Serenity by Ellcie Healthy solution, we invite you to follow these four installation steps:

1. Charge your smartglasses

2. Adjust your glasses

3. Download the Serenity by Ellcie Healthy mobile application

4. Connect your glasses to your smartphone

For more details, see this video tutorial

The connected glasses must be connected via Bluetooth to the Serenity by Ellcie Healthy application and connected to the Internet via the customer’s smartphone. Owning a smartphone is therefore a prerogative to use the Serenity by Ellcie Healthy service.


If the wearer (of the connected glasses) falls, an alert is sent via his smartphone (Android or IOS) directly to the 24/7 professional assistance platform operated by Tunstall Vitaris, France’s leading tele-assistance provider. Once the alert is received, the teleoperator calls the wearer to determine his condition and notify caregivers or emergency help as needed. If the teleoperator is unable to reach the wearer, he calls the relatives configured from the application. If there is no answer, he contacts the emergency services.


If the glasses are not connected to the tele-assistance service (without subscription), an alert e-mail is sent to the people registered in the application. It is possible to fill in the numbers of 4 people who will be contacted in turn. When the alert is taken over by one of the relatives, the information is transmitted to the other contacts who have been alerted.

In the event of a fall, and depending on the chosen offer, we contact your caregivers (previously configured) so that they can come to your aid. 

If you have subscribed to the Vitaris assistance offer, the helpers are also contacted if necessary.

For more details about the offers you can consult our General Terms of Service.

  • Heavy falls, known as “hard” falls, which are characterized by a quick loss of verticality, which means if a person falls suddenly.
  • Light falls, known as “soft” falls, which are falls in a softer way or in several stages when the person leans on a piece of furniture or a wall before falling to the ground.

If you are in danger, you can send an emergency alert manually using the SOS button on the Serenity Eyewear mobile application. In case the wearer does not have his smartphone on him, it is also possible to send an alert by putting the connected glasses upside down on a horizontal surface (provided that the “SOS via upside down glasses” option is previously activated). For more info you can refer to the user guide.

Connected glasses offer the advantage of being able to follow the wearer at all times. Thus the detection of a fall is not limited to the inside of the home but also when the person goes for a walk or shopping, for example. It is then possible to determine the GPS position of the falling person and to rescue him.

The subscription to the Vitaris service is made when you create your account from the Serenity by Ellcie Healthy mobile application.

If you already have an account with the Basic offer, go to the page my offers of the mobile application Serenity by Ellcie Healthy. For more details, please refer to the user guide.

The functionality of the connected glasses and the system may be disrupted in the case of users with disorders. For safety reasons, we do not recommend the use of Ellcie Healthy glasses for people suffering from epilepsy, hypersomnia, photosensitive disorders, atypical blinking eyes, obsessive-compulsive disorders, narcolepsy, etc. (non-exhaustive list).