How many products make up the Ellcie Healthy range ?

The Ellcie Healthy range is composed of 4 different frames available in several colors :

  1. The Rectangle : This frame is a real classic. Its rectangular shape will definitely appeal to men’s, but also women’s who want to assert themselves with an assured character.
  2. The Round : This very circular design is the in vogue frame and is suitable for both women’s and men’s.
  3. The Square : This design is a classic square-shaped frame which is suitable for both women’s and men’s. Timeless, this shape harmoniously enlivens most of Caucasian faces.
  4. The Butterfly : This design, relatively high and covering with a slight butterfly effect, is a stylish alternative to the trendy very circular designs and is suitable for most of Caucasian faces. Especially intended for women.

Where can I purchase PRUDENSEE smart connected eyewear ?

Ellcie Healthy smart connected glasses will be sold in Optic 2ooo’s 1,200 sales outlets in France, but also in France’s overseas departments and territories via the Optic 2ooo network.

Are PRUDENSEE glasses resistant to everyday life ?

Yes, they are resistant for normal everyday use. However, your smart connected glasses, like conventional glasses, require a certain delicacy and must be handled with care (especially not to scratch the glasses). They have also been designed to be resistant to sweat and rain. However, it is strongly recommended not to immerse them in the water as this may damage the onboard technology.

What is the effective storage time of the data recorded in the eyeglasses

In the case of a maximum use of your PRUDENSEE glasses, the onboard memory is able to store 15 days of data so more than 360 hours of recordings. However, the eyewear synchronizes regularly with the “Driver by Ellcie Healthy” application of your Smartphone and “unloads” the data collected.

How can I access my personal information ?

You have access to your personal information from your application, in the navigation menu, in the tab “MY ACCOUNT”. You can edit and modify your personal data at any time.

How can I adjust the PRUDENSEE glasses to my size ?

The PRUDENSEE smart connected glasses offer you the possibility to adjust your glasses yourself thanks to a system of flexible frames, allowing a simple adjustment.

When purchasing your glasses, your optician will ensure the proper fit of your frame to ensure optimal comfort.

Do PRUDENSEE eyeglasses have distinctive certifications and awards ?

Certifications : CE and Origine France Garantie (OFG)

In addition to the CE certification, PRUDENSEE frames have the Origine France Garantie certification, the only label that certifies the French origin of a product. It is all sectors confused and indisputable (certification, mandatory, is carried out by an independent certifying body).

The label is the result of a collective approach of actors who wish to work together to promote the “produced in France” and the valorization of industrial and artisan know-how.

Distinctive Award: The Innovation Award for Road Safety in the category “Road Safety Equipment”

The Innovation Award for Road Safety recognizes innovative products or services that contribute to improving road safety.

In early 2018, Ellcie Healthy won the Innovation Award for Road Safety in the “Road Safety Equipment” category at the second edition of the Innovation Award.

Can I use my glasses without visual correction ?

Yes, you do not have to add corrective lenses to your PRUDENSEE smart connected eyewear. Transparent glasses are sufficient if you simply want to benefit from the prevention of falling asleep and associated services.

Moreover, your PRUDENSEE frames are delivered with lenses without correction and anti-reflective treatment for your comfort.

Can I integrate my corrective or solar lenses to my PRUDENSEE eyewear ?

Yes, your PRUDENSEE smart connected eyewear will be able to accommodate your corrective or solar glasses as well as classic frames.

How do PRUDENSEE smart connected glasses work ?

Your PRUDENSEE smart connected glasses are a concentrate of technology with about fifteen sensors such as infrared sensors (measurement of eye blinks), temperature, light, atmospheric pressure sensors and also an inertial unit with accelerometer and gyroscope.

The data transmitted by these sensors will then be analyzed by our software solution (algorithms) that will help prevent drowsiness when driving.

These same sensors, which are used today for the prevention of falling asleep, will allow us to offer you other functionalities during the software updates.

Beyond the features offered by your application, your connected glasses work with a system of taps (light taps on one of the branches) that can transmit information to perform specific actions.

See the FAQ section “What are the actions (taps) to perform to transmit information to your eyewear?”

As they are scalable, other features will be added in the coming months such as : call notification, prevention of falls or discomfort of the elderly, detection and monitoring of serious pathologies …

Can everyone use the PRUDENSEE glasses ?

The use of PRUDENSEE connected glasses is exclusively reserved for people over 18 years old.

Are the smart connected glasses PRUDENSEE compatible with all smartphones ?

The Driver by Ellcie Healthy App is, to date, compatible with Apple’s iOS 10 operating system, as well as the Android 5 operating system and all their higher versions.

What are the general use recommendations ?

Can I use my PRUDENSEE glasses without the APP ?

You must have the application to create your account and associate your glasses to a user account. Once this association is done, you can use shortcuts “taps” (light taps on one of the side), which allow to transmit information to carry out specific actions.

Also, if your phone runs out of battery or no longer connects to the network, do not panic : your glasses will continue to alert you if there is a risk.

However the updates of your glasses will not be able to be done without the application. It is therefore necessary to have the application for the proper functioning of the solution in time.

See “How Smart connected PRUDENSEE glasses work” in the FAQ.

Can I lend my glasses PRUDENSEE to a third person ?

Other people may use your glasses, on condition that they are not equipped with corrective lenses. However, in the event of an alert or requests for reimbursement from Europ Assistance, it is only the main holder of the glasses who can launch the procedure and benefit from the services offered by Europ Assistance. Moreover, as they are equipped with an artificial intelligence, your glasses will get to know you (principle of “Machine Learning”), it is therefore recommended to keep only one user per frame, so as not to mix several usage profiles that would have different behaviors.

Software update, adding new features : How does it work ?

You have nothing to do. Your glasses will detect available updates and offer them on the app. You will have the option to refuse the update once. At the next restart of the application, the update of the glasses will be done automatically.

What are the sound and light signals ?

Luminous Signals :

Your PRUDENSEE smart connected glasses have 2 LEDs, each positioned on the inner edge at the front of the sides.

Start a ride 2 LEDs flash red, then orange, then green
Stop a ride 2 LEDs flash in green, then orange, then red
Taps on one of the sides of the glasses 2 LEDs flash blue
Bluetooth pairing in progress 2 LEDs flash blue, alternately
Successful pairing of the glasses with the Smartphone 2 LEDs flash blue, at the same time
Location of glasses PRUDENSEE 2 LEDs flash in white
Low battery level of the glasses (connected to charge) Left LED flashes red
Average battery level of the glasses (connected to charge) Left LED flashes orange
Glasses battery level charged (connected to charge) Left LED flashes green
Alert “Risk of falling asleep detected”

-Level 1

-Level 2

– Level 3

– Level 4

– Level 5



LED right blinks once in green

LED right flashes twice in green

LED right flashes three times in green

LED right flashes four times in orange

LED right flashes five times in red

Both LEDs flash red


Sound signals :

Your smart connected glasses have a buzzer sound that emits signals in the following cases :

o Start pairing your glasses with your smartphone and thus allow pairing / validation of the pairing

o Start a new trip / Stop the current trip

o Warn about a risk of falling asleep

o Find your glasses

o Report the loss (or recovery) of the Bluetooth pairing

o Enable / Disable silent mode

o Report that the battery level is low

o Plug / unplug your connected glasses from their charger

What actions (taps) to perform to transmit information to your glasses ?

Action Meaning
1 tap Information about the level of charge of the frames
3 quick taps Start a ride
4 quick taps Stop a ride
5 quick taps Find my smartphone (Available later)
Shake your frames Enable pairing search of glasses
6 taps Disable taps
8 taps or + Enable taps

What are my Ellcie Healthy glasses composed of ?

Your Ellcie Healthy glasses are composed of :

o A battery

o Eye sensors

o RGB LEDs on each branch

o Infrared sensors

o Temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity sensors

o An accelerometer

o A Gyroscope

What is the autonomy of the PRUDENSEE glasses ?

Like any use of an electronic device, it depends on the effective duration of use of the glasses.

However, your PRUDENSEE glasses have been designed to have a day of autonomy. Depending on how you use it, the embedded intelligence and software updates will optimize the energy consumption of the glasses.

We guarantee you a minimum duration of 6 hours of uninterrupted driving.

In case of extreme conditions ?

In case of extreme temperatures, the continuous exposure of your glasses would damage the state and the good functioning of the embedded technology (battery and sensors) in this one. The warranty conditions state that the PRUDENSEE glasses must be used in temperatures between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius.

NB: Be careful not to leave your glasses in the cockpit of your car, often exposed to extreme temperatures.

Do I have a way to be involved in Ellcie Healthy's develoment ?

You have the opportunity to share your ideas to improve your Ellcie Healthy product. You can write us at the following address: in order to suggest improvements or development axes for future software updates.

This collaborative solution is freely accessible and is very useful for our teams.

To your remarks !

How to take care of my health with my PRUDENSEE glasses ?

The use of the PRUDENSEE connected glasses and the Driver by Ellcie Healthy app is in no way a guarantee of good health or good driving on the road.

You are solely responsible for the use of your connected glasses, the application and the suitability of their uses with the rules of road safety, taking into account your physical abilities and your state of health. You agree to adopt a vigilant behavior according to the road conditions and climatic, and in accordance with the Highway Code in force.

The PRUDENSEE glasses help to detect certain warning signs of falling asleep or to remind you to pause (if you have set this function in the “configurations” menu)

Do the electromagnetic waves emitted by the glasses have a physical impact on me ?

As part of a SAR* study of our PRUDENSEE connected glasses, researchers from the LEAT (Laboratory for Research on Antenna and Telecommunications Issues) estimated that a continuous use of these for 16 hours (use over a full day) is equivalent to a 5 to 10 second use of a mobile phone, proving the harmlessness of our device.

* SAR: Specific Absorption Rate: An index indicating the amount of energy carried by the radio waves received by the user of a radio device.

Where does my personal data go ?

Your personal data is encrypted and sent to our secure servers, which meet the hosting standards for health information data. For more information, please consult our privacy policy and our general conditions of use. In accordance with the RGPD (General Regulation on Data Protection), Ellcie Healthy can not disseminate the personal data of its users without the explicit consent of individuals.

Who uses my personal data ?

Your personal data is only used by Ellcie Healthy to offer you the functions of prevention to fall asleep. In the case of assistance, a certain data is transmitted to Europ Assistance such as your user profile and your location.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult our policy of protection of personal data.


Where can I download the app Driver by Ellcie Healthy ?

You can get the app on Google Play Store for Android smartphones, and App Store for iOS smartphones.

What is the procedure to associate my smart connected glasses and my smartphone ?

After completing your registration and confirming the creation of your account thanks to the validation email, the application Driver By Ellcie Healthy bring you to the screen « PAIRING OF GLASSES » (=Appairage des lunettes).
Be sure to turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone.

  1. Put on your charged connected glasses
  2. Click on « START PAIRING » (=Commencez l’appairage) on the app Driver by Ellcie Healthy.
    In parallel, tap quickly 6 times on the right branch of the glasses in order to activate the association research of the glasses.
    Wait few seconds the time of the pairing.
  3. Identify your glasses and click on it.
  4. Be sure that your connected glasses are closed to your smartphone in order to establish the association successfully.

A blue light appears and you hear a melody : the association has been successfully performed.

What should I do if my smartphone doesn't detect my PRUDENSEE glasses ?

Click on « NEW RESEARCH » to restart the research of Bluetooth association of your smartphone with your connected glasses.

If your smartphone can’t identify your glasses, click on « I DON’T SEE MY GLASSES ».
A help page appears with the following indications :

  1. Be sure that your glasses are charged. A minimum of 7 hours of charge is required before the first use of your glasses PRUDENSEE.
  2. The problem may come from your Bluetooth connexion. Turn off your Smartphone’s Bluetooth and then turn it back on.
  3. If other devices are closed of your Smartohone, put them away.
  4. Make sure that your Smartphone’s « power saving » and « airplane mode » are turned off. These modes automatically desactivate the Bluetooth function of your Smartphone.
    Then click on « RETRY » to start a new association research.

If that still doesn’t work, reboot your Smartphone and retry the operation.

Can I combine several accounts with one pair of glasses ?

You have the possibility to associate multiple user accounts to a pair of glasses.

However, the Europ Assistance contract is linked to the pair of glasses. It is also the main user of this one who will benefit from the services offered the first year.

What are the available environmental informations ? What are they used for ?

The information available and provided by your application concerning the environment around you are the ambient temperature (in degrees Celsius), the hygrometry rate and the atmospheric pressure (in hPa).

These informations is useful information for the user, which can furthermore be used by present or future algorithms of the Ellcie Healthy solution.

Why the app needs to have my GPS position to associate my glasses with the smartphone ?

The smart connected glasses PRUDENSEE are linked to a service offer proposed by Europ Assistance. In the case where an alerte is detected by our system, the user is called by a teleoperator from Europ Assistance which will provide you an adapted support to your need (the sending of a taxi or a towing vehicle, the research of an hotel or a restaurant near your current localization)

In the FAQ, see the topic « Services associated to the Ellcie Healthy offer » to have more informations.

How works the drowsiness prevention ?

The embedded technology in the glasses will analyze the behavior of the driver during the entire journey by taking into account head micro-falls, eyelid blinking coupled with artificial intelligence and algorithms. The harvested items will determine your level of falling asleep.

When there is a risk of falling asleep for the driver, a light is emitted near your right eye and the buzzer built into the glasses rings. The higher the risk detection, the higher the value of the gauge on your application increases.

When you arrive at stage 4 and 5 of the gauge (orange and red zone), the alert of falling asleep at the wheel is given by audible and visual notifications on the Application Driver by Ellcie Healthy and by your glasses connected.

If you benefit from the Europ Assistance service (automatically included for the first 12 months), a teleoperator will contact you and propose the best solution according to your situation and your needs.


Level 4 Level 5
Audible notification emitted by the glasses Audible notification emitted by the glasses
Right LED flash in orange Right LED flash in red

Notification by the app : « Drowsiness Alert : be vigilant »


Notification by the app : « Drowsiness Alert : please stop as soon as possible


SMS sent to passengers : « Drowsiness Alert : your driver signs of drowsiness »


SMS sent to passengers : « Drowsiness Alert : Please relay your driver as soon as possible

Call by an Europ Assistance teleoperator

How can I ask for help thanks to the app Driver by Ellcie Healthy ?

During your user experience, you may have questions for information or just need help with specific features of the application.

In order to share them with us so that we can help you, a section “SUPPORT” is accessible in the navigation menu of your application.

You will have the opportunity to ask your question and send it to Ellcie Healthy. An answer will be provided within 72 business hours.


Who do I contact if I have a technical problem ?

If you are experiencing a technical problems with your app or your connected glasses, click on the link « FAQ ». The solution to your problem is surely included in the frequently asked questions.

If you want to contact our customer service, you have to fill a questionnaire (bottom section in the menu SUPPORT)

  1. Choose the object of your demand in the drop menu
  2. Explain / describe your demand in the space dedicated for this


In the case of a dysfunction, the Ellcie Healthy support can demand you to make a diagnostic of your glasses to help you in the problem resolution.

If it is necessary, you can contact directly the Ellcie Healthy support by telephone thanks to the following number : +33 9 77 55 31 07

What is the telephone number of the Customer Service ?

The Client number of Ellcie Healthy is : +33 9 77 55 31 07

How long should I wait after a technical support demand ?

Once the message has been sent thanks to the contact form, our support service will provide you an answer within 72 business hours.

In the case of dysfunctions, where can I get my glasses repaired ?

Apply to Ellcie Healthy via the app through the Support menu or by phone from our customer service. Your contact will send you the procedures adapted to your needs.


What are the services associated to the PRUDENSEE smart connected glasses ?

When you create an user account on the app Driver by Ellcie Healthy, you can benefit from professionnal assistance provided by Europ Assistance during 12 months.

For this purpose, in the case of a Level 5 alert launched by our system, Europ Assistance will contact you by telephone to offer you the following services:

1/ The continuation of your trip with the free shipping * of a taxi. You will be able to organize with Europ Assistance the free return trip * to pick up your vehicle, if the request is made within 48 hours after pick-up.

*In the case of a taxi trip following a sleep detection signal, Europ Assistance will reimburse the taxi service, on proof, within the limit of 100 € per year and per user.

2/ Research for a hotel and / or restaurant near your location to take a break. The costs of accommodation and food are however at your expense.

You also have the possibility to call by yourself the Concierge service Europ Assistance, via the menu available in your application to beneficiate of these services. The payment of restaurant services, hotel or taxi remaining are at your expense.

How can I get the services associated to the PRUDENSEE smart connected glasses ?

You automatically benefit from these services for 12 months from the purchase of your glasses PRUDENSEE and your registration on the application Driver by Ellcie Healthy.

Once the first year has passed, you will have the opportunity to renew your Europ Assistance assistance offer by following the instructions in your Application driver by Ellcie Healthy, section My Account (by clicking on the picture of your profile).

Are my glasses guaranteed ? For how long ?

When you buy your smart connected glasses in an Optic 2ooo point of sale, you benefit from a manufacturer warranty during 2 years after the purchase.
The purchase invoice may be required to have an effective guarantee of your glasses PRUDENSEE.

What are the conditions to respect in order to beneficiate of this guarantee ?

The Ellcie Healthy Eyewear Warranty does not apply in the case of obvious defects, defects and damage caused by natural wear and tear, an external accident or where the alleged defect is the result of misuse, negligence, modification of unplanned or unspecified connected glasses, misuse, improper repair or test that you may have performed.

First of all, make sure that you have respected the recommendations for using your PRUDENSEE mount. For more information, please find in the FAQ “What are the general use recommendations? “.

If the general use recommendations have been respected, you must contact Ellcie Healthy customer service via the app or by calling our Customer Service on +33 9 77 55 31 07.

NB: Your purchase invoice will be required to benefit from the guarantee


What should I do if I have problems with my connected glasses ?

Broadly speaking, when you have a technical problem with your glasses, you have the possibility to contact the Ellcie Healthy Customer Support thanks to your app Driver by Ellcie healthy or by calling our Customer Service on +33 9 77 55 31 07.
You can also visit directly your opticien.

What should I do if my glasses do not switch on ?

To switch on your PRUDENSEE frame, connect the charging magnet on the left branch of the frame.
The proper functioning of the charging magnet is signaled by a green LED on it.

Your frame should turn on (indicated by a audible and visual notification) after few seconds.

Otherwise, change your AC adapter in order to verify if the problem doesn’t come from the Charge Kit. You can use the AC adapter of your phone or use the USB port of your computer.

If the frame still does not light on, contact the Customer Support thanks to the app by describing your problem.

What should I do if my connected glasses do not associate with the APP ?

Be sure to activate the Bluetooth function of your Smartphone then launch the app Driver by Ellcie Healthy.

In the case where the association doesn’t work between the two devices, restart your mobile, activate the Bluetooth (if it’s necessary) and retry an association.

If after these operations, the frame still doesn’t associate with the app, contact the Ellcie Healthy Customer Support.

What should I do if the LEDs of my frame do not light on ?

First of all, verify that the « Mute mode » of you app Driver by Ellcie Healthy is desactivated (the button is on the dashboard).
If it is the case, visit the tap Configuration of your menu and make sure that the levels of notification are more than 0 % .
Finally, to make sure that your glasses are operational, press the button « LOCATE MY GLASSES »

If your frame still doesn’t work, contact the Ellcie Healthy Customer Support via the app Driver by Ellcie Healthy.