Ellcie Healthy’s connected eyewear distributed in Optic 2OOO

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Connected glasses designed and developed by Ellcie Healthy have seen a tremendous rise in recent months. Awarded with the 2018 Road Safety Innovation Award, the smart glasses that help prevent falling asleep have been consecutively been awarded with the CES Innovation Award 2019 and the Embedded Trophy 2019. It must be said that these frames connected glasses are singular and promising : equipped with Artificial Intelligence, they use the data of embedded sensors to prevent the risks for their wearers.

With its first use case on the drowsiness prevention while driving, Ellcie Healthy’s connected eyewear has been distributed since last month in the first optical distribution network in France, Optic 2OOO.

Indeed, falling asleep is the leading cause of fatal accidents on the highway. With the ambition to help save lives, the startup Ellcie Healthy does not intend to stop there and is already working on other cases of use for its connected glasses: fall detection, fall prevention, monitoring of the physical activity etc.

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