Who’s behind the Ellcie healthy team?

We often tell you about our products and solutions, but we are more than that! Above all, we are a great team of engineers, scientists and marketers. This summer we’re bringing you the portraits of our thinking heads.   Let’s start with Remy, you may not know him but his activity within the company is essential for the development of our connected glasses and how they work. Learn more about him, his work and his vision of the start’up 😊 

Hi Remy, tell us a little bit about yourself... how did you get to Ellcie Healthy? What's your background?

Hello, I’m Remy and I’m a graduate of a Master 2 in embedded technologies at the University Sophia Antipolis in the South of France. I graduated in September 2017 and I immediately wanted to join a Start’up. Firstly because I wanted to join a small team with a lot of ambition, but also because I knew that this environment would allow me to evolve quickly and to quickly develop my skills.

So Ellcie Healthy is your first work experience?

Yes, I had already had some experiences during my studies through internships, but Ellcie Healthy is my first real experience. I joined the adventure in December 2017, so it happened quickly after my studies.

Tell us more about your position and missions?

I work in Ellcie Healthy’s Research and Development department as an engineer, more precisely as a mobile developer. My main mission is to deliver the best mobile experience to the customer on the different devices on which our applications are available.

So you helped to create the apps?

Absolutely, I participated in the creation of the various applications. As a mobile developer there was a lot of work because we have two applications, Driver by Ellcie Healthy and Serenity by Ellcie Healthy that we deployed on IOS and ANDROID. It’s a lot of design work but also a lot of maintenance work. Continuous improvement is our motivation!

On Android for example, there are a lot of smartphone manufacturers (Huwei, Samsung, Honor etc …). and therefore several variables to take into account in order to offer compatible applications . The visual rendering is different on each device we have to adapt: different screen sizes, different energy policies of each manufacturer, and many issues of Bluetooth connection …

On IOS there are fewer problems because there is only one Apple manufacturer, so there is more control over the hardware part which makes the task less complex. So it’s a continuous work that mobile developers provide. “As long as the manufacturers provide new phones with new versions there will always be work to adapt our applications.

What do you like about your job at Ellcie Healthy?

As I had imagined, the work in start’up is intense and you have to learn to adapt quickly! But the project is really very interesting, especially thanks to the diversification of the tasks to be accomplished! For example, I was able to develop and strengthen my skills on IOS and servers. I also gained in autonomy!

One word to describe Ellcie Healthy

« Dynamic » because things are moving fast!. On each project, the team gives an opinion, encourages interaction and proposes solutions. As a result, decisions are taken fairly quickly. “The cohesion of the group is what allows us to be where we are today and it’s what allows us to go further and further. »

As a first experience, do you recommend living the start'up adventure?

“It all depends on the characters” the start up experience is not given to everyone. You have to understand that the start’up ecosystem is an adventure in which you engage and where there is a certain risk, because we expect a lot from you! But in the end I would say that it is a formative risk. So if you like to keep a certain professional freedom, live a human experience and gain skills, this world is made for you!

Thank’s Remy for the time allowed to us 😊

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