17% of U.S. national GDP is invested in health care. If access to health care is a very present problem in the United States, are innovations and technologies in revenge very much in advance. Ellcie-Healthy understood this and sent Theo to the front lines to conquer America.

The USA has a complex health system governed by public and private actors. Most of the health services promulgated are private, as are the health insurances which are sometimes extremely expensive… However, there are public health agencies and federal health insurance systems that help to regulate this sector and help the most needy.

The Connected Healthcare Market in the U.S.

The United States is one of the countries where the connected health sector has evolved significantly in recent years. The number of connected objects in the USA was about 180 million in 2016, and is already estimated to double by the end of 2020.  According to a study (February 2019) by the firm Accenture, 53% of Americans are ready to welcome the use of connected tools in the healthcare sector. In 2026, this market should represent 5 700 billion dollars, almost twice the GDP of France .

This is why many companies have entered this market where you can find US-made innovations such as the connected medicine. A drug that when taken by the patient warns another person (caregiver, doctor) with the help of an integrated chip. 

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 It is mainly used for treatment of acute forms of schizophrenia and mood disorders.

Many start-ups also innovate with pioneering products. For example, connected chairs that improve posture and help you lose weight while sitting. Or operational teleconsultation solutions with the help of 3-in-1 medical devices (stethoscope, thermometer and blood pressure monitor).

But the health care boss connected to the U.S. is not a native American. Yes, it’s a French company that’s a leader in this market. With more than 99% of its turnover in the US, Edevice has become the essential 3.0 health company for Americans. 

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The Bordeaux-based company, which was founded in 1999, offers an innovative solution for the transmission of health data.  

The company connects hundreds of thousands of patients around the world and enables chronically ill patients to enjoy a better quality of life through secure remote medical monitoring.

Ellcie-Healthy to the conquest of America:

Ellcie Healthy also wants to take off to this country where the market seems very attractive. It is with the help of our V.I.E. (international corporate volunteer) Theo that we went to conquer America. Based in Miami for 5 months now, Theo has set up several action plans: from understanding the market to the definition of the target and the identification of the need, nothing is left to chance… But the main objective is to introduce our different solutions to the American market. Since January, Théo has participated in numerous trade shows such as the CES in Las Vegas in order to forge links and set up a real strategic ecosystem. Here is what he tells us about his first months of work:

“Our innovative solutions are of great interest. The health sector is a priority area. In particular, I have noticed that sleep apnea is a real scourge in the USA and many Americans are constantly tired at the wheel. Our sleep detection solution therefore seems to them to be very innovative and very precursory, particularly in professional environments… Our fall detection solution also made a great impression. Not least thanks to the detection performance. At the moment, numerous pilot tests are being carried out with several large companies 😊 “

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Our V.I.E. is only at the beginning of its adventure which promises to be exciting. Our connected glasses Serenity by Ellcie Healthy have already conquered the French market by their innovative aspect and the quality of the solutions that come with them…