A look back at the major advances of recent years.

Connected healthcare has appeared alongside the development of new technologies and their sophistication. Connected Healthcare is used to using a number of everyday objects that are transformed to be ‘improved’ with the help of technology.   Scales, watches, bracelets, smart patches, glasses, soles – all these connected objects have transformed the way we get information, but what more can we get? 

what connected healthcare has in store for us ?

Connected healthcare is a booming market: €410 billion of investment planned for 2022 worldwide. 4 billion in France, and this prediction should boost the entire market.

In 2015, Apple released its famous connected watch “Apple Watch”. This watch is capable of measuring sports activity (accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer, ECG). You have surely noticed the new legal mention: “this is a medical device”. But the brand doesn’t want to stop there, it wants to invest in the connected health market: taking temperature, measuring blood pressure or blood glucose level, sensor to analyze sleep… It looks like we won’t need to go to the doctor any more soon ^^

But Apple is not the only giant on the market, another American brand, Google with its subsidiary Google X LAB is currently working on a connected bracelet that would make it possible to detect cancer cells in the body by using nanoparticles previously ingested by the patient. A project that was revealed several years ago but which is kept secret by the firm…

Around the world many start-ups are also in the race to develop their ideas and find a way to save more and more lives. 

These innovations are often accompanied by M-health.  Healthcare data is then accessible from mobile applications. In France, more than 10,000 health-related applications have appeared in recent years. They keep an eye on your sleep cycle, offer you personalised fitness monitoring, help you choose healthier foods and much more. 

Worldwide, 161 million connected devices have been adopted, including 73 million connected devices in the health sector.  And if this market is emerging and flourishing, it is thanks to the craze and development of Artificial Intelligence. The AI plays a key role in data collection and analysis. As well as in machine learning techniques. A practice that is evolving and that will create new unlimited potential for our connected objects of tomorrow. 

Connected health has a bright future ahead of it, evolving with the age of its time. More and more users will be won over by this revolutionary new approach. With this in mind, Ellcie-healthy offers tehcnologic  connected eyewear and wants to help as many people as possible with its revolutionary solution.