1 : the Born of Artifical intelligence

AI is not a modern creation, an effect this idea was born during the beginning of the 50’s years. Neurologists and mathematicians were very interested in the potential of this technology. The Turing test was invented in 1950 and described in his public work « computing Machinery and intelligence ». This test is used to determine whether or not the machine has intelligence, and to infer how well the machine can mimic the responses of a human. A verbal confrontation then takes place between a person who communicates blindly with a machine and a human. If the individual fails to determine whether he or she is communicating with the human or the machine after 5 minutes, then the test is passed. The expression « Artificial intelligence » appeared six years later during a conference in the USA at the Dartmouth College. She defines the use of creative algorithms that allow making a decision and to understand specific language. And with time, imitate, also overrated human intelligence. And then there were no majors advances during the end of the XXème century. This is what we call the winters of the AI in particular because of the little credit allotted to this technology and the lack of data that one brought to the Intelligence at that time.

2 : From theory to practice :

With the internet « boom » in the 2000 years, new technologies came to the front. Many companies are becoming aware of the potential of AI and are investing in this neww strategic direction. The Big Data and the engineering professions has caused a real  craze. In just few yaers the advances in this field have been developped in order to put forward a level of reliability close to 100 % :

  • DeepBlue of IBM company in 1996 against the echec’s champion gary kasparov
  • AlphaGO developped by deepmind an succrusale of google wich beated the first gamer of GO, ke jie in mars 2016. *
  • Pluribus specialised in Poker made his big step in July 2019. He beated 5 gamers of poker in a game of multiplayers. Even five humans brains are not enough against this machine developped by facebook and scientiifc of Carmegie emllon univeristy.

And we are going above and beyond  with AI. Drive autonome car, crate music, automatised tasks, help to take decision are possible too. But what is the fiutur in the next year fior the AI ? With a market

3 : The place of AI in tomorrow's world.

The sophistication of connected devices, development of even more efficient algorithms facilitate the potential of this intelligence. Here are several sectors that will be changed by this mechanism in the next few years 


The sophistication of our connected devices and the development of ever more efficient algorithms facilitate the potential of this intelligence. Here are several sectors that will be transformed by this mechanism in the coming years:



Like we mentioned in the earlier article AI has a new place very important in modern medicine. And the example is here! Ellcie healthy thanks to the help of Machine learning has turned a daily object, a connected object which the ambition to take care of everyone. This technology allows our glasses to adapt to each user. 

This type of AI can also detect illnesses that are hardly visible to the naked eye. From nanotechnology to nanomedicine, the care provided is becoming more and more precise and efficient.


the AI in the farming that’s what we the “farmtech”. Predictive models of food yields are currently in test. In this sector, the investments concerning the AI will be important. The market increased from 520 millions dollars to 2.5 billion dollars according to the website USbeck & Rica. An increase with two numbers which is not insignificant and this shows a positive evolution.


It is one of the pioneering sectors in the use of AI and today it is undergoing important transformations. Intelligent support robots, autonomous drones, motion detection, tracking, identification. Multiple possibilities to facilitate current operations. And here too, Ellcie Healthy is proud to contribute to the development of man-machine interfaces for the fighter aircraft of the future (M.M.T. program) deployed by the French Armament Procurement Agency.


The Lalilo application which is a virtual teaching assistant. More concretely, it is a learning system based on the personalization of the curriculum for each student.  The AI doesn’t in objective to replace the teachers but to free up their time so with that, they are more available for the pupils and this in order to limit dropping out of school, inequalities and discrimination within the structures.

in the AI sectors will soar in the next few years. With an actual market evaluated in the world at 18 billion dollars, he should be arrived at in total plus than 89 billion dollars from 2025 according to Statista. This observation shows the interest of countries about this tehcnology. France is engaged in allocating 1.5 billion euros in this technology by the end of 2022. So AI has not finished surprising us and is it sure that tomorrow our societies will evolve with her in almost all sectors.       

However, this evolution has made some questions that are important to think. Society doesn’t become more independent of the AI? What solutions are put in place with the control of his evolution or there is no limit with the development of her capacities ? can we truly trust the AI without any doubt? And you, what is your opinion about all these questions?