Happy birthday Ellcie Healthy !

Ellcie Healthy celebrates its 5th anniversary! Time goes on so fast! 5 years where Ellcie Healthy has evolved and become what it is today!

In this article, we will debrief the last 5 years, including the solutions offered by the Azure start-up, its technological advances, its partnerships and the awards received ! #lit



As you know, Ellcie Healthy is developing AI-enabled connected glasses. They help prevent falling asleep at the wheel. Sensors embedded in the frames analyze your behavior and alert you in case of risk thanks to a sound and light alert. #staysafe

The fall detection: The new baby by Ellcie Healthy. This solution allows the automatic detection of sudden or soft falls thanks to the sensors present in the glasses. If a fall is detected, an alert will be sent to your family or to a professional assistance line (Vitaris #1 of teleassistance in France) to provide to the user the appropriate help as soon as possible! #healthcare


In constant search of well-being, the start-up associates with various scientific and medical organizations in order to work on exciting projects whose ambition is to improve everyone’s life !


Ellcie Healthy has won the MMT project tender led by Thales and Dassault for the DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement). The project “Capture the gaze” aims to study the integration of a photo-oculography system within a helmet sight !  To know more about it…


Big advances in the project on sensory support for the visually impaired: after the finalization of a first prototype in 2019, we are proud to present the 2020 version of the prototype, the project aims to capture through a camera embedded on the bezel, the environment of the visually impaired and in order to retranscribe them (in real time) via a bracelet that will slightly compress the wrist. To know more about it…


Our start-up has been solicited by Erlab, manufacturer of solutions and services for protection against inhalation chemical risk, to collaborate on a new project! Our connected glasses have been modified to adapt to the safety glasses market!


A fascinating collaboration with the University Hospital of Dresden in Germany, on a study of neurodegenerative diseases and more specifically on Parkinson’s disease. The ultimate goal is to be able to diagnose the disease.  To know more about it…


Ellcie Healthy worked closely with Canadian Malartic Mine (CMM) which is the largest operating open pit gold mine in Canada! The objective of this project is to increase productivity through blue light without compromising the safety and well-being of workers.


Ellcie-Healthy is currently working on a fall prevention solution in collaboration with the MAIF Foundation, the Nice University Hospital and a research laboratory at the Côte d’Azur University (LAMHESS). To find out more, click here.

We are very proud to work with them.... #trust




Since the beginning of 2020, the Veolia group has equipped some of its employees with Ellcie Healthy's smart glasses in order to test the solution and prevent the risks for the isolated workers !


the French start-up conquer the Japanese market! Japanese optical distributor TANAKA has approved an initial order for a test phase in 2020. The glasses are available internationally!


At Ellcie Healthy innovation is everywhere, even on the e-shop. The virtual fitting is now available on the Ellcie Healthy e-shop ! Thanks to our partner FittingBox you can choose the model you like directly on our website and see the result on your face! Practical !

OPTIC 2000

That's right! Our connected glasses are on sale in more than 1200 Optic 2000 stores all over France ! 😊


This program aims to give visibility to the digital health projects of French start-ups and to support their international development!

This event is a must to celebrate the innovation and the French industry, the opportunity for us to promote our startup.

Little more : The Minister Agnès Runacher tried our 100% Made In France glasses ! 

For the 3rd edition of its 2020 Safety Meetings, LOXAM gathered its ecosystem, partners and actors of the construction and industry, on two major topics: Innovation and Safety related to the use of materials. Ellcie Healthy had the opportunity to be part of it ! #healthcarefirst


Ellcie Healthy was present for the week dedicated to Artificial Intelligence! #sohappy This time, the AI week was 100% digital! Ellcie Healthy had the honor to present her work on the integration of a neural network on the microcontroller of the connected glasses! 😉 #nerdashell

Of course we participated ! A great national start-up competition organized by SOWEFUND in the form of a very nice roadshow, allowing to promote entrepreneurship and to increase the visibility of young French companies ! 

We had the opportunity to be present at this wonderful international event and moreover, the most expected of the year, in Paris, at Orange 🙂 ! All the new technologies are exposed there 🙂